A Star is Born, or Rather, Drilled…

If you’re like me, you’re experiencing a hurly-burly week of frantic holiday preparations.

If you’re not, you are calmly enjoying the wonder of the season without a to-do list the size of  a Lady Gaga hairdo.

(Sincere commendations on your balanced life!)

I wanted to share a quick look at the birch stars I’ve been making in the garage/studio, and a few tips in case you want to construct some for your very own!

You’ll need an electric drill, two- to three-inch drywall screws and, per star, five lengths of birch branches cut to equal lengths. I made 20 of these, each from three-foot branches between one and a half to two inches in diameter.

The most important tool, though, is a masonry bit for your drill!

(I share this wisdom after breaking two everyday bits as fast as you can say I Brake for Junk!)

Arrange your sticks on a flat surface first to make sure any knobs or whorls on the branches aren’t sitting on top of each other and making the star too high on one side. Place some sticks over each other, some under. There isn’t a “right” way, but try a few iterations and you’ll see that some branches just fit better (and sit better) over rather than under!

Once you’ve got it how you want it, transfer it to your work bench and drill away!

In addition to screws at the five star points, add some in the supporting intersections throughout the star. You can add a length of wire at the top for hanging, but I displayed several of these at a sale (and on the back fence) hanging from a long nail.

Then, accessorize! Twinkly lights, greens, ribbon if you desire! They are great for your decor or for gift-giving!

Wishing you a wonderful week, with time to pause and enjoy!


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  1. karla says:

    Love the stars!!! no birch trees in our area but I do have a huge wooded area across the street from us where I’m sure I can find some type of branch to use. I think this just might be a good project for DBH. Thanks for the great tips!! Happy Holidays

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