BEFORE: A Console Project

Just a quick post to share this sweet piece I nabbed on Thursday from Jane at Mustard Moon in Carver!

It looks like a vanity, but has only a middle drawer and none on the sides.

It’s more of a console.

And its curved center is swoon-worthy!

It has charm and detailing to spare! Love the metal teardrop pull!
Here’s the back view of the curved center area. Curiously, this piece was designed to have an open back. There is no evidence that its designer intended it to be closed.

I’m pondering what I want its new look to be! Tuesday I’m getting an inside look at the PlasterCenter above Hirshfield’s corporate office, down by International Market Square. The center is a laboratory for formulating all matter of cool specialty paints and finishes.

Inspiration may strike!

Stand by for an “After” once it does!


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