AFTER: The Console That Shines!

Yes, I am painting these last few pieces in the dining room. And yes, I do see that I spilled! That’s a bit of Chelsea Gray, the undercoat for this pretty console with an overcoat of a rockin’ new Metaltech paint from Drew and his crew at the Plaster Center!

Remember how it started? The cream was great but it was filthy with spots of mold. It needed a super cleanup, followed by two coats of the aforementioned Chelsea Gray. Here’s what it looked like after the Tarnished Silver was rolled on.

The shine is subtle and glowing!

I pulled it back in a few spots on the tabletop in order to expose the gray underneath and give it more texture.

This hardware had been on for a very long time. I used mineral spirits and, later, Diet Coke, to remove all of the excess paint and rust.

Here it is in its new coat of silver with highlights of black. The whole piece, hardware, too, was sealed and is ready for its debut at the Merry, Merry Market starting Friday afternoon at the Dunn Bros. in the Smith Douglas More House in Eden Prairie!

Hope to see you there!



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