Embraceable Yew!

Seasonal decorating at Chez Lark Nest has been minimal if you don’t count the carved jack-o-lantern that The Mister put out for Halloween. It’s been serving as the neighborhood Squirrel Salad Bar, so it was time to go.

Yesterday’s 52-degree weather was a gift for stuffing the window boxes, which have been sitting bare for a while.

I was able to fill four boxes — two in front, one on the side, one on the garage — and two large pots with the results of a backyard forage, some “vintage” sticks, one bunch of seeded eucalyptus ($4) and a large bunch of curly willow ($8.50) !

The greens — yew and red cedar branches — were free, trimmed from backyard vegetation.

More of the same on this side window box, visible from our sun room. The brown accents are dried fern fronds from the garden.

More about those sticks, later!

The ferns look every bit as cool as something you would purchase specifically for this task!

This pair of matching back-step pots are fairly minimalist, but sticks spraypainted in gold and copper are left over from decor I put together for a Southwest High School fundraiser when our girl was a freshman. She’s a senior now and they’ve worn well!

The garage window box — the one we can see most often from the back sunroom windows — got a few extra accents. In addition to the yew and the cedar, this one has sage from the herb garden, branches of purple pods from the wild indigo (cutting those also served to ready the back sidewalk for easier shoveling-to-come!) and some dried hydrangea branches left over from a bridal shower here in August.

They dried nicely sitting in a pile on the side flower bed!

You have to love no-fuss, low-cost decor for the window boxes! The grand total spent? $12.50! Makes planting an evergreen or two a worthy investment!

Off today to restock the front table at Dunn Bros. and help out pals Jane and Sara at the Mustard Moon sale in Carver.

Enjoy your day!


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