Merry, Merry Market Prep: Burlap Reborn!

This post is going to be so quick as to barely be here! But I wanted to share these cool burlap pillow with you.

They are made from the castoff drapes of one of my very first Lark Nest retainers! Fabulous Client (I wrote first about her here) shares my distaste for waste! So when we took down her wall of burlap drapes to replace with a cool ikat fabric, she graciously offered them to me (and I graciously accepted!)

They’ve been hanging around in my closet, mostly, after I laundered and refolded them, awaiting design inspiration. But I did take off a few chunks for these lumbar pillows, which have been accented with beautifully rendered “sleeves” in a Ralph Lauren serape stripe.

(They’re sitting pretty, by the way on a chair I purchased from gal pal Susan, who deals at Second Hand Rose in Buffalo!)

They are some of the several cool textiles headed to the sale.

From tossed to revitalized, in a few easy steps! And now they’re ready to enter the revenue stream at the Merry, Merry Market!


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