Merry, Merry Market Prep: Dunn Bros. Display

November is Lark Nest’s month to run point on the retail display in front of the coffee counter at the Dunn Bros. in the Smith Douglas More House, home to the Merry, Merry Market and a few other of our occasional sales throughout the year!

 Here’s a sneak peek at the Saturday morning reset. (The silvertone metal pheasant with the large tail, a plume print, a few vintage silver coffee pots, 30 pheasant feathers and a host of other entertaining pieces sold right away, leaving more than a few holes in the display, which went up on Wednesday!)

The smaller pheasant remains, patiently waiting for a Thanksgiving table over which to preside!

These cool slide cases are now doing duty as reversible placecard holders for your entertaining needs (sets of replacement cards sold alongside!)

Peacock, pheasant and turkey feathers abound!

Here one is “in action”! Love the vintage souvenir pie plates from different cafes and tea rooms, too!

This table runner is made from dictionary pages! You can see more of this papercraft to come in the Star Tribune Nov. 14, when my DIY-tabletop decor piece runs in the Home & Garden section!

And watch for more daily updates this week as preps for the MMM shift into even higher gear before the 5 p.m. open on Nov. 9

Off to paint the console I blogged about earlier this week!



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