The Work Book Has Arrived!


Fans of Annie Sloan and Chalk Paint have yet another reason to smile today!

It’s the official release date for Annie’s Work Book (the cover in her Aubusson Blue, no less!) — a swell, wirebound journal/notebook crafted to give people like us (and you know who you are!) a place to try colors, stash bits of fabric and tearsheets, sketch out plans and, in general, corral all those bits of ephemera that are part of the creative process!

(People like us: Our minds are always whirring, but we can rarely remember where we put anything!)

Annie — interior designer, author, entrepreneur and English dynamo — says it best in the 112-page book’s introduction:

“When I first went to Art School, I was encouraged to keep a sketchbook. This was not just for sketching but also highly useful as a way of developing a visual voice and language. I used my sketchbooks to collect colours, pieces ripped from magazines and pattern making. I still do. Use this Work Book in the same way – as your ‘aide memoire’. Plan the colour palette of a room, work out a piece of furniture, or simply use the book to experiment and develop your own particular style and colour palette by collecting what appeals to you. Draw little sketches, use the pockets to collect ribbons, fabric pieces and cuttings from magazines. Experiment with colour combinations and making your own mixes. ‘Go ahead and paint in the book.’ Don’t worry about not being able to draw – just use stick men! Remember, if you do something you don’t like you can always cover it with a magazine cutting you fancy! Keep it handy in your day bag, or by your work desk or bedside. You can never tell when a creative idea will suddenly jump out!…Love Annie Sloan.”

Love that, especially the part about painting in the book. One of the fun things about working with Chalk Paint is experimenting with mixing colors. And this is a stylish (and organized!) way to collate the findings.

I’m fortunate to have had my book for a few months; it’s already stuffed with swatches, stained with paint can rings (oops, overflow) and dotted with jottings. I love that some pages are blank, some are lined, and there is a two-sided pocket inside the book, and a sturdy, expandable one inside the back cover. The design doyenne has sprinkled several pages with great advice on painting techniques as well. The total package is well worth the $24.95 purchase price.

(Annie’s people invite all users to pin pages from their workbooks here, as well!)

I’m glad that these products have arrived in the United States, thanks to the energetic crew at Annie’s North American arm, Annie Sloan Unfolded, and through the more than 300 small, independent “stockists” who carry Annie’s products. Minnesota’s stockists are Christina Kramer at Denim Rose in Savage and Amanda Ficek at Mama’s Happy in Independence!

Happy reading (and recording, doodling and painting)!


PS This is Annie, for those of you who don’t regularly traffic in the Chalk Paint world.  This picture is so representative of her, because that warm smile is truly her hallmark! She’s got some great tutorials going on You Tube right now. You can check them out here!


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