Words to Decorate By!


Star Tribune photo by Tom Wallace

Today’s Home & Garden section of the Star Tribune contains a paper crafted tabletop from Lark Nest Design that used a lot of old dictionary pages to create a runner and foliage!

My old pal, spray paint, played a big part, too, as well as upholstery tacks, old doorplates and silverware. Curious yet?

(You can see the story and slide show at StarTribune.comĀ here!)

We shot it last week, and it was fun to be back in the studio — my old stomping grounds as a Strib editrix/stylist! Here’s what the “tabletop” looks like in the long view. The table is actually the reverse of a section of door panel that I quickly aged and limed the morning of the shoot!

Ace photographer Tom Wallace was on the case, shooting from above!

Because we were using lit candles, lots of the shoot took place in the dark!

There was also a fair bit of standing about and readjusting. To look evenly spaced in the shot, the dishes are not always evenly aligned! The lens sees things differently!

Wishing you a fun and creative holiday!

On today’s task list? Readying the garage for tomorrow’s dealer sale (in efforts to reclaim the space for cars for the winter!)



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