The Minimalist’s Approach to Decorating!

 Perhaps this is heresy for a decorator to admit, but I like the minimalist approach to holiday decor. Maybe it’s because my house is already small and stuffed with meaningful treasures. Maybe it’s because so many holiday decorations at this time of the year are busy and bold, in colors that clash with everything else in the house.

Whatever the reason, I do like to let greenery star instead of fussy decorations.

This is the first year with a new dining room chandelier, and I couldn’t resist seeing how it could be dressed for the holiday! Here it is, “before.”

It’s got a little bit of glam. Love the clean lines!

They make a great nest, though, for greens!

White pine, aromatic cedar and  seeded eucalyptus are threaded through in what I hope is an artful arrangement (Plain-Speaking Daughter considers  any pretense to artfulness as artifice! So perhaps I’ll just say an unconstructed arrangement…)

Any way you stack it, it still says seasonal and it still smells heavenly! (And these are all greens that will dry in place, so shedding should be…minimal! Purchased rom the fab gals at Linden Hills Florist. I’d already raided the backyard to fill the windowboxes!)

Speaking of minimalist, here’s the deconstructed Christmas tree that Gal Pal Connie put up this year. Branches, painted silver, are stuck into aluminum piping. She isn’t thrilled with the way it turned out, but she does like the cool backdrop of ornaments attached to fishing line.

Me too!

This is my view as I sit at the dining room table, looking up.
Here’s wishing you a season of carefree decorating! And to all al good night!

4 Responses to “The Minimalist’s Approach to Decorating!”

  1. Marsha says:

    Your chandelier looks lovely with the greens, but what caught my eye are your valances. I planned to go with a natural window shade, but decided it was too “heavy” for the room.
    Are your treatments clipped, and then gently molded/folded in with each clip? You don’t have pleats do you? I want a valance to hide my cellular shade when it’s pulled up during the day.

  2. Kim Yeager says:

    Hi Marsha, I do love having valances, and I don’t use any shade in the dining room. It is so small, and we love letting the sun stream into here. The lined valance does hang from clips in cental folds. The rods are actually silver-leafed bamboo poles. I may put a black glaze over them, because they feel too ” perfect” to me now. No pleats. I am considering recutting and seaming the valances so that they go straight across with no folds. The imperial trellis pattern is minimized with the gentle folds, I think, and would be better served as a straight-on geometric pattern.
    That is what is great about using your rooms as living labs! You can change things if you want!

  3. Marsha says:

    Thanks, Kim I ordered up my fabric. I already know I’ll be sitting behind my sewing machine the day before our guests come over.

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