Wedding Flower Power!

This extended cold snap (a.k.a. winter in Minnesota) makes me long for the sun-glazed days of fall!

I’m soothing my snow-tired tired eyes with pictures from Young Friend Liv’s fab September wedding. She is the daughter of the lifelong gal pal for whom our daughter is named. Handling the wedding flowers from beginning to end was our gift to her!

She wanted a casual, woodlands look, emphasizing purples and greens, very relaxed. No tightly bound bouquets, please.

Her wish was my command!

The day before the wedding, I marshalled flowers on the back counter at Linden Hills Florist, where Lark Nest Design retails refurbished goods! Owners Anne and Susanne graciously offerd their space for my work. There were a lot of raw materials!

Among them: dried fern fronds clipped from a neighbor’s yard, two kinds of hydrangeas and four kind of hosta from my own. I used as many things at hand as I could, and filled in with many beautiful flowers in whites and greens and purple. Purple was used only in the bride’s bouquet, and the groom’s bout, though there were a few sparse touches in the bouts and corsages for the parents of the bride and groom, as well.

There was a lot of work to be done! Besides the bridal bouquet, the groom’s bout, bouquets and bouts for three bridesmaids and groomsmen, there were also corsages and bouts for two sets of parents, two host couples, corsages for three various helpers, one for the reader, a bout for the soloist and headbands for four flower girls. (I misplaced the headbands, and at the last minute, their flowers were turned into wrist corsagese!)

Oh, and 10 floral bouquets for the reception tables, and 20 bouquets for buckets to be tied to the aisle chairs for the wedding in Liv’s parents’ back yard!

I’ve done wedding flowers before, but not on this magnitude! This was the first of two piles of castoff leaves and the detritus from the day’s work!

Slowly I worked through the list!

My first bout! For one of the Dads! Here’s what the corsages and bouts looked like before transport. Each was spritzed with water before being encased in plastic (only slightly closed) to keep them fresh for the next day!

The plan had been for me to do everything! But at the last moment I asked Anne to do Liv’s bouquet. We had ordered Lady Slipper orchids and and a few other delicates for the bouquet, and I worried my clumsy paws would wreck them! She brought her signature eye for beauty and talent to the task!

Which was a good thing! It was a 10-plus-hour task to get them all ready. But truly, a labor of love!

I loved how things turned out! Here’s the groom, Mick’s, folks, Maxine and Stephen, wearing their plumage!

It was nippy Saturday morning for the outdoor wedding! The predrilled aluminum buckets for the aisle bouquets needed to be attached with beautiful purple and chartreuse ribbons. I opted to make these bouquets at LHF, too, then tie them into bundles. I left the stems long, so they could be secured into chunks of Play-doh at the bottom of each bucket. This way I avoided having to deal with adding water to the buckets, and it kept them secure from the breeze. I tucked in hosta and additional flowers once the buckets were up.

Each bouquet also had a sprig of wheat, an homage to Liv’s North Dakota heritage!

They looked beautiful all lined up!

And they worked beautifully with the fantasy flowers for the altar area, created by Liv, her mom and other helpers in the weeks leading up to the wedding.

We used a collection of old and new silver for the table bouquets, 10 in all. I arranged one in a chafing dish!

The blowsy floral arrangements draped down low over many of the containers.

Here they all are in the garage on site, waiting to be placed on tables!

(This pic’s out of order, but I made this bouquet for the groom’s dinner a few nights before. Love the texture from the hosta leaves! And you get a good shot of the container here, too.)

Finally, here’s lovely Liv, bouquet in hand, heading off for pictures before the ceremony!

It was a picture-perfect day! And today, with temps below freezing, it is a perfect day to remember!


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