It’s a Wrap!



Selectingt a suitable gift when a friend decides to marry is always a joyous occasion!

Mailing the gift of glassware to Los Angeles? Somewhat more challenging!

Eight stems of the Camille white wine glasses were expertly packed for shipping by the crackerjack staff at the Edina, MN, Crate & Barrel store. So I was loath to repack them; opting instead to place this box inside a larger box with additional plastic packing.


But how to wrap it attractively?

While the Helvetica typeography is fresh and fab, the iconic black and white boxes with carrying handles (handle, ironically, not shown!) are problematic for wrapping.

Here’s one way to make the box gift-giving ready, working around the handle, without extracting the expertly housed glassware!

Because the language of love  is all-encompassing, I chose torn pieces from an old dictionary ($1 at a garage sale) to cover the store name on the box in a carefully managed mish-mash. I left spots of white on the box exposed for contrast.


Oversized X and O stamps, usually used to make valentines, worked swell with gold ink!

wrap3Stamped in abundance, they left no doubt that this box bore a gift of love!


More torn dictionary strips formed a flower to disguise the plastic handle, with a button center wired through.wrap4

The envelope was stamped to match…

wrap7…and a photo of lovebirds, torn from the same dictionary, made a great “stamp” for the back of the envelope!

This package has already winged its way to Commodore Sloat Drive!

We’ll be raising a glass to Tay and Ben from Ithaca College on wedding weekend, where we’ll instead attend Family Weekend with our own beloved!

Wishing a lifetime of happiness to our LA pals. May you always speak with the language of love!



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  1. Katherine says:


    You are soooo clever!! I especially love the LOVE BIRDS piece!! Very thoughtful :)

    Hope you’re doing well!


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