Pantone 2014 Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid!


Worldwide color authority Pantone, whose Color Institute is a major palette-setter for the design, fashion and furnishings worlds, among others, today announced Radiant Orchid as its color of the year.

We bid Emerald 17-5641 a fond farewell !

The company’s release describes RO as magical and enchanting, as well as confidence-inspiring. From its rosy undertones “emanate great joy, love and health,” Pantone says.

Who can ask for more from a color?!

Lark Nest is signed on to Pantone ‘s “webinar” next week to gain insights into the research and reasoning behind the choice,  so more info to come.


Meanwhile, I’ll just say it’s yummy, if not a bit electrifying!


Here’s the image Pantone has shared of this color in action!


Orchid is already a Lark Nest favorite. You’ll recognize Robert Allen’s “Dahlia Gardens” in Rosewood, a true orchid  used in a few projects documented on this blog!

Stand by for news. In the meantime, one can  envision rejuvenating a hidebound room with a jolt of this color. It could be as easy as adding a potted Phalaenopsis!


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  1. Mary Duffy says:

    Great idea about the orchid! That’s probably about as far as I’m willing to go with the color, but I do like that Robert Allen fabric.

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