Lark Nest on Vacation, Part 1


Lark Nest Design flew the coop recently, to beautiful San Marcos, Calif., for a few days respite in the beautiful nest of Fabulous Friend Beret.

FFB has only just moved in, but is already making the most of her one-level living, painting vibrant Palm Beach-style stripes on the wall…bh12

…and adding gorgeous cirtrus accents in her California abode!

Her love of kitschy figurines is everywhere! From vignettes on a side table…bh1

…to floral arrangments on the mantel…


…to  those tucked here and there as an accent. Kitsch isn’t for everyone, but her deft touch with this decor element is not only welcoming, but masterful!


That style extended to the guest bedroom (The “North Dakota Suite”), where we were greeted with this loving and comforting piece of needlepoint work.


Even the embroidered pillowcases in the guest suite emanated friendliness, beckoning weary travelers for a good night’s sleep!


The guest bathroom hand towel, rolled up and waiting sink-side, bore a lovely heart-shaped rock found at nearby Power Point Beach. Every touch in FFB’s house shouted, “We are happy you are here!”

A happy print from contemporary designer Orla Kiely updated a chandelier…


…and dried roses from a birthday bouquet from friend Bridget In Canada lent a welcome and loving touch to the baby grand piano in the living room!


Even the bar was fab! FFB clad her dining room walls in gorgeous coral!


No element was too small to escape FFB’s loving ministrations! Love the ND cowboy strumming a guitar among the spiritous libations!


FFB hosted a dinner party for eight during our visit. No detail was spared, from the hand-strung kumquat embellishments on each napkin, to the beautiful orange tulips wrapped within!

Making one’s guests feel happy, welcome and at home is an art worth perfecting!

FFB  is unparalleled in this!

We’re home now, and lovely memories cloak us like a throw made of finest cashmere!

A loved guest is a happy guest!

Wishing you wonderful experiences in your next role as host or guest!


4 Responses to “Lark Nest on Vacation, Part 1”

  1. Beret Hagen says:

    …and making one’s hosts feel loved, appreciated, and admired is another art that FFK has perfected. Thank you, Darling Friend, for your tribute to our California cottage. Come back any time!!

  2. Kim Yeager says:

    Dearest Beret,
    You and Doug rock, your beautiful home rocks, your wonderful community rocks! Loved every minute, and we’ll be looking forward to another cocktail hour on the patio, and dinner at Jake’s!

  3. Rosie S says:

    I love the colors!!! I am not into a lot of color in my house, but love to see it so well done in other’s! Not sure what that says about me???… This house is so neat because it definitely is not cookie cutter! :) And love a dose of kitsch! (Ceramic ‘Prince and Princess on swans’ planters anyone!?!?! I found the princess in a local antique store and my old boss found the prince on-line for a thank you gift!)

    • Kim Yeager says:

      Rosie S, the coral in the dining room is divine, but I loved the way the chartreuse stripes in the front room were a few shades lighter than the color on the living room walls. Together, they managed to define the areas as different but allied. Very rich and welcoming!

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