Office Reno: Update!


A very quick update on the St. Louis Park home office renovation in progress! You’ll remember all of the “hot” fabric and paint colors on tap for upholstery, draperies, fabric board, rug and accent furniture.


 This post is about the perfect foil for all of that wattage!

Pictured up top are the three high-end laminates that were being considered for the wall-t0-wall custom desk and storage piece.


The winner is this Wilsonart mottled marble lookalike, Italian White di Pesco. The finish is matte, and a lot of style for the price.

It will pair with a “greige” Color Stories paint by Benjamin Moore for the walls, Old Soul CSP 65. I love the Color Stories line because of its higher-than-average number of pigments in each color. The process makes for rich colors with lots of depth!

lhfpaint2It really is a spectacular look, rich and neutral at the same time, and a wonderful counterpoint to the vibrant, modern fabrics.

The carpenter is putting finishing touches to several projects before painting commences. There will be more to share in a few weeks!



3 Responses to “Office Reno: Update!”

  1. Rosie S says:

    I am loving gray lately…never thought I would, but with the move to Minnesota and the need for a lighter paint color that isn’t off white….I chose a light, happy gray! Love these choices of yours! I have reds as accents though, I have to keep SOME of my old stuff!

    • Kim Yeager says:

      Thanks Rosie! Other nice colors to use with gray and white are eggplant and yellow, a combo I’ll most likely use in a master bedroom project possible later this year!

      • Rosie S says:

        HI Kim, I had a lot of yellow in my last house and noticed that I did not carry that over here. All the rooms I Pin are light walls, with accents of blues, reds and even pinks. The house we bought here was a spec home, and all Latte walls..not really me…so one by one, I am painting walls….I am loving this icy blue and gray look!

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