Basement Project: Finished!

It’s finished!

The former laundry room has been transformed to capacious and deluxe storage!

Remember what it looked like after a water main had backed up?


The only thing missing in these three photos is the massive pile of stuff we were storing by stacking it against the walls!


Here are those same three views, now that there are five sets of double-door storage! The electrical panel is recessed into the storage area, and a sheet of galvanized steel, to the left of the panel, serves as a magnetic board. With all of the pipes recessed, and the concrete sink gone, this is a wide open space where I can paint as needed during the winter. (I’ll use a sizable canvas drop cloth, of course!)


The finishes — Karndean loose-lay tiles, Formica “White Drops” laminate, and Sherwin Williams paint in Collonade Gray, helped give this room a soothing vibe! If you’re just joining this project, you can find my earlier posts, including finish details, here and here!


My man Micah from Gozley Renovations worked his magic on this room. Greg Stanek of Stanek Construction put together the CAD drawings for this project, and assisted Micah with the maple plywood cabinet build-outs. They rocked this project!base30

Cabinets are fastened to the walls, but also sit on brushed metal feet; a precaution to keep cabinet contents safe and dry.

The cabinets have soft-close hinges, too. An inexpensive upgrade I highly recommend!


The “L” in the corner provides for a deeper shelf on the right corner unit; that back space is great for storing items rarely accessed.


Check out the sculptural quality of the ceiling, which replaced a horrible drop ceiling on aluminum framing. Heat flows from the duct via a vent and there is an access panel for needed shutoff valves. The ceiling now has four recessed cans, which flood the space with light.

Thirteen-inch “Lansa” handles from Ikea look much more expensive than they are. I love how they look with the Formica laminate on the cabinet fronts.


The loose-lay tiles, held on with a static bond, thanks to a coating underneath each tile, went down like a dream. The entrance door (extreme right on this photo) now bends fully flat against the wall, too. Massive improvement!


The existing egress window had one panel replaced, and got a fresh coat of paint to go from brown to white.


Another ceiling shot! More of Micah’s drywall mastery!


All of my paints, glazes, waxes and stains have a toasty winter home! Once April comes and I move back to the garage, I plan on keeping my paints here, and just carrying out what I need for each individual job.base40


In addition to paint, these storage cabinets hold bulk pantry items, boxes of books and keepsakes, staging and catering accessories, etc. They are roomy. I’ve got a lot of space yet to fill if I choose!


Even the furnace/water heater room on the other side of the stairwell got new drywall, a fixed ceiling, new lighting and new, built-in shelves. It’s clean, dry and warm — the Taj Mahal of furnace rooms!base26

And so, this project is finally finished. The last switch plate went up on Saturday (I primed and painted each, along with the screws, to match the wall color; then finished them with a matte poly coat. Keeping them the same color as the wall helps them fade away, and keep the sight lines clean.)

This is the view from the doorway. So far, I have wandered downstairs more than a few times just to admire it!

This Lark is grateful for a much improved Nest!



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  1. this is absolutely gorgeous! Love everything!

  2. karla says:

    Kim, amazing makeover! I see many hours being spent down there during your cold winter season. Fabulous that you still have a window to let in the sunshine. Did you keep a sink down there for cleaning of brushes? Looking forward to seeing more of your makeover projects.

  3. Beret Hagen says:

    Precisely perfect job adding some well-deserved feathers to the Lark’s Nest!! You’re so right, Kim- this is the Taj Mahal of storage rooms. I’d love a field trip to this corner of LarkNest Design to see the treasures inside those streamlined and stunning cabinets.

    DO-do-DOODLY-do !!! (meadowlark call)

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