Chip, Chip, Cheerio!



Chippy, vintage galvanized exudes great allure! I am drawn to it like a magpie!

I found this cool, architectural corner pediment while browsing recently at Shop 501, one of my fave vintage haunts in Chaska, MN.

In was in the space of  talented vintage dealer Betty Sorensen. For me: textbook love at first sight! In its previous life, it was a used on a corner of a building to provide decoration for the most functional of functions: a rain gutter downspout!

Love! I sealed the paint with two coats of good poly.

I plugged the opening with a plastic milk carton turned on its side, and then added reindeer moss and individually potted orchids inside their own containers, to catch water overflow. (There’s something funny there about not wanting water to come down the downspout, but I’m not dwelling on it!)orch12

I love how the orchids make a great splash against the gray walls of the dining room!orch14

While most of the accents in this room are turquoise and jade, the salmony pink of this pediment picks up that same color in the throw pillow below — sewn from 1940s drapery fabric found at the Rose Bowl flea market in Pasadena, CA!

I also enjoy seeing the pediment reflected in my dining room console mirrors. I recently completed the mirror project, which is the subject of another post, to come!

This wall planter provides a hot spot of color in what promises to be a lengthy Minnesota winter!  I may add a few more orchids and mound up the reindeer moss to really make a statement.

How have YOU added color to your life this week?




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