Out with the Old…

chandy1The first work-week back after the holidays is always a bit of a mental leap into the new year: out with the old, in with the new (or, out with the old and in with the even older, whatever it looked like before the holidays!)

As did many of you, I spent the weekend removing and repacking holiday decor! That includes all of the chandy greenery and twigs, which have been in place since Thanksgiving!

It’s pictured here as it was in mid-November, when the berries were red-orange!


The pieces went on in layers…chandy2NEW…and, with the addition of a pheasant feather or two, held us in good stead for Thanksgiving!


Those greens and berries made for a simple table presentation.
chandycollage2By the time Christmas arrived, I replaced them with pepper berries on the table, and in the chandelier for contrast and more texture. The original chandelier berries had dried to deep red.

chandyDONEHere’s what it looked like at the end of its run at New Year’s:


(and not unlike many of us at the end of jam-packed holidays!)

While the greens have been banished to the composter, I’m re-energized and rested…and ready for a fabulous year!

First up: snapshots and an update on the St. Paul roundhouse project, coming this week!


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