Roundhouse Project: Library/Lounge, Part 2!



While earlier posts announced Lark Nest’s new commercial project, in the old Burlington Northern Roundhouse in St. Paul, and talked about the general makeover in the employee library/lounge, this post is all about decorating the wall of shelves, above!LL3

 This post focuses on how these vintage, industrial thread spools…

LL71…this patterned wrapping paper…
LL46…and a bunch of Reader’s Digest Condensed Books helped stage these shelves without spending a ton of money. Spray paint was involved, too! (Who among you is surprised?!)

 I chose spools that already had colors that fit my decorating palette. They were dirty and dusty and each was labeled with a very old, pasted-on piece of paper that bore the information about the type of thread. I removed the labels and washed the spools, then used spray poly on the colorful ends that would face out.

LL47Most of the spools were used atop the shelves, but some were placed inside. You can’t beat the chippy patina that comes with age and use! Take note of that beautiful blue color on the Fiesta-style pitcher — we’ll get back to it!

A pair of these bookends — made from industrial pulleys and purchased from 106 Vintage Co. in Coleridge, NE — provided a counterpoint to the sleek finish on the pottery pieces.


The Readers’ Digest books provided texture, too, folded this way…


…and that! Here’s another blue, a teal.  With the exception of three pieces of McCoy pottery — as with the books, sourced from Shop 501 in Chaska, MN — almost all of the pitchers, bowls and pottery on these shelves were sprayed in one of the two blues, orange or cream primer/spray paint! (One remained in its original gold; a variegated glass vase, up top, was purchased specifically for its iridescent quality.)LL41

Purchased at low-cost at thrift shops, they are refreshed and perky in their new coats! I alternated placement of the books, too — some sitting vertically and the others horizontal. Books were covered with dimpled carton wrap and the birch-look wrapping paper.


This vase was aqua with gold trim in its earlier incarnation!


This cream glass bowl was forest green!LL43

This bowl was deep purple! Now it is the perfect foil for the beautiful colors in the industrial spools.LL403

You really can’t replicate this patina!LL18

 A final look! The shelves are colorful and welcoming, with room to grow and rearrange as suits the client needs!

Next up: Decorating the cofounder’s office, incorporating vintage and garden elements!

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