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Lark Nest on Vacation, Part 1


Lark Nest Design flew the coop recently, to beautiful San Marcos, Calif., for a few days respite in the beautiful nest of Fabulous Friend Beret.

FFB has only just moved in, but is already making the most of her one-level living, painting vibrant Palm Beach-style stripes on the wall…bh12

…and adding gorgeous cirtrus accents in her California abode!

Her love of kitschy figurines is everywhere! From vignettes on a side table…bh1

…to floral arrangments on the mantel…


…to  those tucked here and there as an accent. Kitsch isn’t for everyone, but her deft touch with this decor element is not only welcoming, but masterful!


That style extended to the guest bedroom (The “North Dakota Suite”), where we were greeted with this loving and comforting piece of needlepoint work.


Even the embroidered pillowcases in the guest suite emanated friendliness, beckoning weary travelers for a good night’s sleep!


The guest bathroom hand towel, rolled up and waiting sink-side, bore a lovely heart-shaped rock found at nearby Power Point Beach. Every touch in FFB’s house shouted, “We are happy you are here!”

A happy print from contemporary designer Orla Kiely updated a chandelier…


…and dried roses from a birthday bouquet from friend Bridget In Canada lent a welcome and loving touch to the baby grand piano in the living room!


Even the bar was fab! FFB clad her dining room walls in gorgeous coral!


No element was too small to escape FFB’s loving ministrations! Love the ND cowboy strumming a guitar among the spiritous libations!


FFB hosted a dinner party for eight during our visit. No detail was spared, from the hand-strung kumquat embellishments on each napkin, to the beautiful orange tulips wrapped within!

Making one’s guests feel happy, welcome and at home is an art worth perfecting!

FFB  is unparalleled in this!

We’re home now, and lovely memories cloak us like a throw made of finest cashmere!

A loved guest is a happy guest!

Wishing you wonderful experiences in your next role as host or guest!


Spring Will Come!


Snapped this pic quickly on my way out the door to a client appointment this morning!


A large vase of cherry blossom branches holds court over my dining room console right now, a joyous and riotous tangle of blush-colored petals and swelling buds.

To me they say, Spring will arrive!

So while snowbanks hold sway outside my window, inside, these bright branches warm my heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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I wear a lot of “hats” at Lark Nest Design, including one as social media director and project builder for this chic publication, packed with utility, ideas and gorgeous homes exemplifying the repurposing life!

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Happy junking!


Office Reno: Update!


A very quick update on the St. Louis Park home office renovation in progress! You’ll remember all of the “hot” fabric and paint colors on tap for upholstery, draperies, fabric board, rug and accent furniture.


 This post is about the perfect foil for all of that wattage!

Pictured up top are the three high-end laminates that were being considered for the wall-t0-wall custom desk and storage piece.


The winner is this Wilsonart mottled marble lookalike, Italian White di Pesco. The finish is matte, and a lot of style for the price.

It will pair with a “greige” Color Stories paint by Benjamin Moore for the walls, Old Soul CSP 65. I love the Color Stories line because of its higher-than-average number of pigments in each color. The process makes for rich colors with lots of depth!

lhfpaint2It really is a spectacular look, rich and neutral at the same time, and a wonderful counterpoint to the vibrant, modern fabrics.

The carpenter is putting finishing touches to several projects before painting commences. There will be more to share in a few weeks!



An End Table Shows its Mettle!

 DGmettleHere’s another piece of the guest bedroom makeover project in Edina. And yes, the bones of this table also mimic the cool geometric pattern of the Thom Filicia fabric in the curtains, above!

(Just like this table from an earlier post!)


The look of this silvered end table was achieved using MetalTech, a Texturline product. The color is Mercury, and while this light has it reading a bit blue, it’s actually a truer silver, as you’ll see in a later picture, shot in natural, outdoor light.


I started with this  butler tray-style end table  from Threshold’s line for Target, brimming with style. We needed something with a very slim profile for the compact space, and the lines of this piece fit perfectly. At $67, it was also budget-friendly! (While this was a good-looking table just the way it was,  the room already had its quota of espresso-colored wood. So lightening up was in order!)


The beautiful metallic sheen glimmers in this paint!

While I used MetalTechfor this job, a good over-the-counter choice for DIYers is Benjamin Moore’s Molten Metallics line. While MM is advertised as having the look of hammered metal, I think the finish is even more random and subtle than hammered, which I love.


After a good deglossing, a first coat of paint prepped the table. It took two coats and a touchup to finish. I used a relatively light hand in order to let the original grain show through.

MM4In natural light, its true, matte silver finish glows. With a coat of water-based seal, it was good to go!

It’s a perfect foil for the guest bedroom’s darker-hued walls, and pairs with a chunkier West Elm end table with an aluminum finish. Can’t wait to share pictures from the finished project!



Hot! Hot! Hot!



Maybe it’s the relentless onslaught of Midwestern winter, or just a yearning for more tropical temps, but this gorgeous Ikat screamed “take me home” last week, and so I did!

Admittedly, I’ve been in a “hot” color state of mind. You’ll recall the plum and  fuchsia palette from this post last week on a home office renovation!

I unearthed this fabric on a road trip to a favorite textile haunt last week. It should be perfect for this armchair, which has been presiding over a pile in the garage since last fall!


The chair was a gift from pal Shayne Barsness, a vintage maven who has recently focused her considerable talents onto the jewelry-making arm of her business. Shayne & Coco uses castoff and vintage elements to create the most amazing necklaces, bracelets and earrings! Check out this cool Shayne & Coco bracelet, created around an old Oddfellows Lodge medallion with vintage cabochon pearls:


Love! This chair, like the bracelet elements, will be re-created as something fun!

It needs a coat of paint (still mulling! Sand? White? Palest apricot?) and a new cushion, front and back. I may reshape the profile of the seat back, too. This fabric will rock the new look!

Stay tuned for the final product, destined for the fabulous Foxglove Market and Studio on Grand Avenue in St. Paul! Wishing you warm temperatures and hot fabrics!



Color Infusion/Office Transfusion!

sangria4This fabulous cotton-linen blend, “Sangria,”  is the jumping-off fabric for a St. Louis Park home office renovation just getting underway!


It has a fabulous hand, and a gorgeous amalgam of violet, plum, apricot and a host of greens against a neutral gray background. This will be a lovely hanging panel, visually enlarging a small, basement window. It will also be used on cushions for two caned-back office armchairs.annefab1

 The carpet in this room is a gray-beige “greige” — the same color destined for the walls — so I’ll be enlivening some of the furniture and open shelving with Mulberry, Benjamin Moore 2075-20. It’s got wattage to spare!

violetrugThis soft, textured area rug will help ground the space, and provide a needed shot of color.


This linen will cover a framed, wall-size “inspiration board,” where the office’s occupant can regularly tack up and change the photos and pictures that inform her work!


Here’s  the fabric for two chairs I’ll be rehabbing for the owner to use when she meets with clients. The feel is amazing and the pattern modern, with great texture.

Here’s what’s planned for lighting…


The flush-mount drum shade with a black rim (to coordinate with existing black bookshelves and filing pieces) will improve the room’s current lighting threefold.

More to come as we dive into this project, being put together on an aggressive timeline! Can’t wait to share the transformation once it’s done!




Farewell to Firs!



It’s time to dismantle the Christmas tree (we are not among those who keep a tree empaneled until the needles drop!)

It’s had a good run. We loved it. We are unapologetic fans of the natural balsam. Spare and elegant.

(Or, depending on your outlook, gangly and laughable.)

But it’s time to go, and Lark Nest doesn’t mind sharing its love of the sparse while packing up ornaments!

There’s a practical reason, as well as the love of the aesthetic:

Lots of air between branches translates into the best showcase for ornaments, ever.

treepickmeGranted, it might require a little imagination on the tree lot.

This one was the second-to-the-last available by the time we got there. It mattered not a whit to us. Love at first sight! Each year we weather the slings and arrows of  well-meaning friends, who ask whether our tree was one of my curbside rescues.  Not! We pay good money for this look!


The fruit and feather-tailed birds we arrange in the top layer, the odd squirrels and woodland animals that provide the second. Then, the beaded felt, clip-on cardinals from my mother, gone from our Christmas celebrations for years but ever-present through her handiwork.

We also include the pictures and crafted ornaments made and given to our daughter, now a college freshman.


There’s a layer of vintage ornaments, too, that belonged to my Grandma and Grandpa Kueffler. The natural balsam allows each to hang free and to good display.Who would ever choose a Frasier Fir over this?!


Finally, the balsam provides a perfect spiky perch for this dime-store peace dove.

Sort of tatty now, and with a “new” olive branch after the previous one fell prey to one of our many geriatric rescue cats, this topper is perfect.

He’s  been with us since 1980, when I carried him home from Woolworth’s for the princely sum of $2.95. He shows his wear and tear, and we wouldn’t trade his ratty old tail feathers for anything.

There is no “right” or “wrong” order when it comes to a tree, or how it’s decorated.

As in life, as with trees, our love of a look — and the memories attached — makes each one perfect for its owners…despite all the attributes that make it unfashionable for the masses.

If it speaks to you, it’s probably just right.

Which is why you’ll find us back in the natural balsam section, in December 2014!



Rachel’s Bedroom Makeover: The Middle!


Just a quick check-in with a progress report on this project in Edina, where a child’s bedroom is being given a grown-up makeover into a comfortable guest bedroom. The custom-made, grommeted curtains, pictured, set the tone for a modern vibe.


We’ve swapped  in a queen-size bed with upholstered headboard for the old twin, and sent the pastel floral wallpaper packing for a calming, matte blue shade from Sherwin Williams (Meditative, SW 6227. It was chosen to match a piece of the client’s furniture, built by her daughter and husband, and one that was off-limits to change). More on that piece, which is seven feet tall, in the final project post.


Here’s a quick reminder of the “before” !


This end table was lacquered Chinese red when I procured it for this room. Chosen specifically for the pattern on each side, I had it spray-finished in a glossy coat of Meditative. The high gloss contrasts nicely with the matte walls.


It’s a beautiful foil for the curtains (which are mounted high to add height to the room. A top-down/bottom-up shade lets in light but affords privacy.)


They’re fabulous together!


This is a closeup of the blue-gray tones in the new sisal area rug.

Closing in on the end of this project. Linens are yet to arrive; black and white artwork has yet to be hung. Accessories are in transit. I ordered extra of the curtain fabric so the seamstress can add a contrasting band to the shams once the linens are in place.

This cozy retreat is almost guest-ready! More to come!