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Roundhouse Project: Library/Lounge, Part 1!


As promised, here are some photos from one room of the St. Paul Roundhouse project, a commercial job for Lark Nest! As outlined in this earlier post, this is the “family room” for employees at Dependable Home Health Care, a rockin’ for-profit with a great mission statement.  The business operates from offices in the former Burlington Northern […]

Bookshelves for Baby!


This beautiful nursery is standing at the ready for Leslie and Jamie, who await impending parenthood by the day! Lark Nest was honored to finish this sweet bookshelf for the nursery, which is done in cool gray, white trim, and, for an accent, “Belafonte Yellow.” Here’s what it looked like just a few days ago, […]

Going in Circles…in a Very Good Way!


Lark Nest Design is having a wonderful summer! It’s crazy busy; a few long-term design projects are coming to fruition, and there are some in progress, and a big one, Skyline, getting ready to launch. More on that later! Meanwhile, thought I’d get caught up on a few posts I ow you, and share this […]

True Blue Memo Board!


OK, I hope you have not been bored with my parade of boards! This is likely the last (fabric, memo) board  I’ll show before the Mother’s Day Market! (Next up: Furniture!) Featuring True Blue Cottage Paint, this frame has been retrofitted with a remnant to make a magnetic memo board. I love the juxtaposition of […]

New Life for Old Frames, Part 2!


Here’s the companion piece to yesterday’s post subject; another castoff frame turned fabric board! It’s the same size as the blue framed peacock print, but with a whole different vibe. The fabric is a batik print; the paint job in Cottage Paint “Kiwi” and “Chive” with a touch of liming stain in the highlighted areas. […]

Hirshfield’s Launches Cottage Paint!


Regular readers will know I’ve been down for the count for about a month but am gingerly re-entering the working world, avoiding ice wherever I go! You also know I’ve been experimenting with Cottage Paint, developed with assistance of Texturline and colorist and finisher Drew Beninati, who operates  the Minneapolis Institute of Fine Finishes, also known […]

A Fine Little Footstool!


This piece is a lot smaller than many of my client projects, but this little item has a lengthy story. My client’s mother’s well-used, well-loved footstool was so disreputable looking that she had grown tired of looking at it. She exiled it to the garage, where she wouldn’t have to think about its one loose […]

On the Workbench…


Just a quick note to share this fabulous fabric with you! Love this linen — it has a fabulous hand — adorned with a fabulous peacock and blowsy, salmon pink and deep red flowers. It is going on the seat of this cool cane-backed vintage chair with two tones of Cottage Paint, Bimini and Slate, […]