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Roundhouse Project: Library/Lounge, Part 2!


  While earlier posts announced Lark Nest’s new commercial project, in the old Burlington Northern Roundhouse in St. Paul, and talked about the general makeover in the employee library/lounge, this post is all about decorating the wall of shelves, above!  This post focuses on how these vintage, industrial thread spools… …this patterned wrapping paper… …and […]

Chip, Chip, Cheerio!


  Chippy, vintage galvanized exudes great allure! I am drawn to it like a magpie! I found this cool, architectural corner pediment while browsing recently at Shop 501, one of my fave vintage haunts in Chaska, MN. In was in the space of  talented vintage dealer Betty Sorensen. For me: textbook love at first sight! […]

Farewell to Firs!


  It’s time to dismantle the Christmas tree (we are not among those who keep a tree empaneled until the needles drop!) It’s had a good run. We loved it. We are unapologetic fans of the natural balsam. Spare and elegant. (Or, depending on your outlook, gangly and laughable.) But it’s time to go, and […]

Ripe for Stripes!


  Have been crazy busy getting ready for the Mother’s Day Market, as well as wrapping up a successful staging project and juggling client work, but thought you might enjoy this diminutive beauty as much as I do! The castoff frame came with standard Early American maple wood finish and that’s about it! No stuffing, […]

A Leg (or Four) to Stand On!


This is the ultimate “Before” post, and it feels a little cheesy/tease-y to run it without any “After” pictures, but I’m excited about the first phase of the “Before,” and want to share! I scored this set of four cool carved Indonesian wood feet at the sale of an occasional dealer who is downsizing her living […]

Oh, Suzani!


  Just back from the Talented Local Upholsterer, this slipper chair rocks in two coordinating Premier Print Suzani patterns! (Of course, in my excitement, I neglected to iron the front panel before photographing. Live and learn in blogging world…) This is what it looked like before… … when I nabbed it from a neighborhood sale. […]