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Roundhouse Project: Library/Lounge, Part 2!


  While earlier posts announced Lark Nest’s new commercial project, in the old Burlington Northern Roundhouse in St. Paul, and talked about the general makeover in the employee library/lounge, this post is all about decorating the wall of shelves, above!  This post focuses on how these vintage, industrial thread spools… …this patterned wrapping paper… …and […]

Chip, Chip, Cheerio!


  Chippy, vintage galvanized exudes great allure! I am drawn to it like a magpie! I found this cool, architectural corner pediment while browsing recently at Shop 501, one of my fave vintage haunts in Chaska, MN. In was in the space of  talented vintage dealer Betty Sorensen. For me: textbook love at first sight! […]

Star Power!


It’s nice when customers send a snaphot to reveal how their Lark Nest purchases have settled into their homes! This birch star is one of them! Longtime blog readers will remember my post from last year, detailing how the stars were assembled. I made 50, and all but three sold last season. This year, the […]

No Bois Like Faux Bois!


I’m finally getting caught up on a few posts from previous projects. This one is from a guest bedroom in a staging job I did on a 4,700-square-foot “cabin” on the St. Croix River, that sold in April. This part of the house had expensive but dark mahogany paneling and coffered ceiling as well as […]

The Bar is Open!


The bar is open, and Lark Nest Design couldn’t be happier! This cabinet-turned=bar-cart from the new Spring/Summer issue of Flea Market Style mag is a Lark Nest original! Vintage maven and executive editrix Ki Nassauer generously commissioned the makeover piece in late summer. The requirements:  to give an old piece of furniture a new purpose, […]

All I Got For Christmas…


These keys are not to my heart (my man and my girl already hold those), but to a gift beyond this junker’s wildest dreams…   A tool chest of epic proportion! Behold: Order (to come) out of chaos (existing) in the garage! Which should pay big dividends in the Lark Nest furniture rehab department! Hoping […]

A Star is Born, or Rather, Drilled…


If you’re like me, you’re experiencing a hurly-burly week of frantic holiday preparations. If you’re not, you are calmly enjoying the wonder of the season without a to-do list the size of  a Lady Gaga hairdo. (Sincere commendations on your balanced life!) I wanted to share a quick look at the birch stars I’ve been […]