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Win a Copy of Flea Market Style Weddings!

FMS WED Cover_official32581

One of the swell perks of Lark Nest’s work for Ki at is the excited anticipation that builds before each Junk Bonanza and the publication of each new issue of Flea Market Style magazine! And now, the same frisson of excitement surrounding its new, sister publication, Flea Market Style Weddings! It’s just starting to […]

Flea Market Style Weddings Debut!

FMS WED Cover_official32581

Flea Market Style Weddings is here! It may be a short time before it hits the newsstands and larger retail outlets, but it has started arriving at smaller and occasional dealers’ establishments, and today, my box of beauty — 12 copies! — arrived on the doorstep! Wow! Brought to you from Ki Nassauer and the […]