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Metal Screen Entertainment Cabinet: Finished!


The entertainment cabinet I wrote about here is finished! You’ll remember this reclaim piece was a custom job for a client who was not ready to part with her subwoofer, and I wanted it disguised instead of sitting on her living room floor! (The living room being one of three rooms we are working on […]

Reclaim Project 1: The Entertainment Cabinet!


Every decor project has elements that make it unlike any other, and a three-room project I’m working on in Minneapolis is a great example! Specific challenges required us to go custom for a small entertainment cabinet that needed to house a woofer and other stereo components! Our floor plan calls for placing this cabinet beneath […]

Metal with Mettle!


This almost-six-foot mirror was a rummage sale find this summer, purchased for a song because of one missing side panel and one side panel with a cracked mirror. It’s a modern piece (possibly Bombay Company?) finished in a brassy gold. First up: I sent it to my glass guy to replace the side panels. Then, […]