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Holiday Tabletop Workshop!


Lark Nest Design is pleased to instruct a holiday tabletop workshop for hostesses Thursday, Dec. 5! The effusive Ann Shuster, proprietess of the Dunn Brothers in the Smith Douglas More House in Eden Prairie,  extended an invitation to replicate the gathering Lark Nest held in April for Springtime tabletops! Only this time, we’ll concentrate on […]

Ready for the Holidays at Eden Prairie Dunn Bros.!


 It’s that time of the year again: Prepping for the holidays at Eden Prairie Dunn Bros. at the Smith Douglas More House! Lark Nest Design and Moss & Marigolds have teamed up to deck out the front table and side shelves!  That’s a gorgeous, moss-covered branch, found on the path at Lake Harriet, up top […]

Textiles On Board!


Spring is in bloom on textiles for the Mother’s Day Market this weekend! This sweet piano bench has a linen cover with a gorgeous hand, ablaze with plum, spring green, orange and fuchsia against a gray ground. It’s a very happy print! These are a few of the many pillows coming to the market as […]

Vanity Seating Now Available!


One of my favorite projects is to update a retro vanity stool with fresh fabric. This is one of the most ornate versions to come my way. Very Frenchy! Check out the “feet,”  heavy iron “tassles” extending from legs of “braid”! The cushion begged to be bright and bodacious and I complied! The photo doesn’t […]

A Table to Reference!


This dove-gray beauty is headed to the Mother’s Day Market  at the Smith Douglas More House in Eden Prairie this weekend! It is classically elegant, with dentil-like detailing and classic tapered legs. It’s painted in a beautiful Satin Impervo that went on like butter. (And provides a nice antidote to all of the bright pieces you’ll […]

True Blue Memo Board!


OK, I hope you have not been bored with my parade of boards! This is likely the last (fabric, memo) board  I’ll show before the Mother’s Day Market! (Next up: Furniture!) Featuring True Blue Cottage Paint, this frame has been retrofitted with a remnant to make a magnetic memo board. I love the juxtaposition of […]

Color of the Year…Console Version!


Love love love this color of green! It shouts “Spring!” It reminds me of the grass that will be in full regalia soon, now that the end-of-the-week’s snow has left the building! This fresh-looking table is as yet unwaxed. Can’t decide on dark or clear. Each would impart a great look, but different. Kept this […]

New Life for Old Frames, Part 2!


Here’s the companion piece to yesterday’s post subject; another castoff frame turned fabric board! It’s the same size as the blue framed peacock print, but with a whole different vibe. The fabric is a batik print; the paint job in Cottage Paint “Kiwi” and “Chive” with a touch of liming stain in the highlighted areas. […]

Mother’s Day Market 2013!


We may be expecting snow by tonight, but we have every confidence it will be firmly in our rear view in two weekends when the Mother’s Day Market arrives, May 11 and 12 at the Smith Douglas More House in Eden Prairie! Grab your mom or your gal pals for what we’re confident will be a special […]

A Taste of Spring!


It’s been a long winter! Check out this beautiful thatch of wheat grass and tell me you can’t imagine Spring around the corner! Once it is gussied up, this grass is headed for Lark Nest’s  Spring Tabletop Workshop on Thursday night at the Dunn Bros. in the Smith Douglas More House! My counters and worktable […]

Spring Tabletop Class!

aDunn Bros.poster

Easter is late this year, which means there are several weeks in March in which to plot my holiday tablescape! I’ll be giving that some thought extra-early this year! Lark Nest has been invited to host a workshop March 14 on creating a beautiful spring tabletop! (The cherries-on-a-pedestal art, above, anchors the posters advertising the […]

XOXO! Valentine’s Display at EPDB!


In the retail world, it’s already Valentine’s Day! Here’s Lark Nest’s front table set up at the Smith Douglas More House at the Eden Prairie Dunn Bros.! I love the old mirror frame, now strung with three sets of wire to serve as a memo board! (My family is glad this project is out of […]

Merry, Merry Market Prep: Dunn Bros. Display


November is Lark Nest’s month to run point on the retail display in front of the coffee counter at the Dunn Bros. in the Smith Douglas More House, home to the Merry, Merry Market and a few other of our occasional sales throughout the year!  Here’s a sneak peek at the Saturday morning reset. (The silvertone metal pheasant […]

Merry, Merry Market Prep: No-Pain Panes!


Just a quick pix to share a closeup of the new Benjamin Moore Molten Metallics paint in a drybrush application over this eight-pane window. This paint is designed to add a hammered metal effect. I was curious to see whether it added dimension when used sparingly in a drybrush application, too. See for yourself… It […]